Empower your parents to experience the digital possibilities. Get started today.

Suitable for everyone, no matter how experienced your elderly are. Oscar Senior lets your loved ones get used to the Internet, one step at a time. You choose the apps.

Give your elderly the confidence of always on connectivity. Oscar Senior is designed with your senior in mind – they don’t even have to worry about breaking anything or doing something wrong.

Oscar Senior is available for iOS and Android tablets. Help your elderly embrace the digital world with their choice of device.

Everything your elderly loved ones need. In one place

Oscar Senior provides a simple interface, with large prompts and print for seamless browsing and app usage. It is the safe and secure tablet app that protects them from scams, unauthorized pop-ups, and unwanted alerts.

Stay Connected

Oscar Senior lets you stay connected with your elderly loved ones ‐ and lets them connect with you when they need you. Via video calls, instant messages and photo sharing. You are just one tap away. Never let your loved ones miss an important moment ‐ build memories together. Moreover, with group calls/chat you can chat with multiple contacts at once and share the moment!

Let The Fun In

Oscar Senior is about having fun. Let your elderly enjoy the news, get the latest weather, play games, browse the web or Facebook safely.

Be Their Hero

Oscar Senior lets you, the digital native, to remotely configure and provide help and guidance for your elderly loved ones. They would not even know you were not there in person to do it. That easy, that powerful.

The power of staying connected. The comfort of being independent. Oscar Senior