Create an unbeatable portfolio of telecare products with us

Oscar Senior is an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement telecare platform for elder care businesses that will allow you the ability to deliver customized and whitelabeled solution for your customers.

Together we are stronger

We have one of the most versatile software tools for remote care and will provide innovative solutions for your customers. Combine that with your local presence and knowledge and we are a winning team.

Our platform is inexpensive and your margins are profitable as our partner

We'll share local leads with you and welcome your insights on customer’s experiences

We can develop unique features for you to serve your customer's needs

As partners we'll share our experience in telecare and cooperate on marketing activities

Whatever your customer needs, we can make it happen

Flexible development

Our expert multinational development team will work smart to customize the platform to suit the needs of your customers


We can  modify our platform to promote the brand names and art of your customers if needed

Open platform

You can alter the UI of Oscar Senior and integrate a vast variety of apps, gadgets, services, and content


Client software runs on either an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone. Care managers have access to a web-based dashboard

Are we a match?

We are not looking for just a distributor or a reseller. We are looking for partners to deliver the most compelling telecare solution for the elder care industry in the marketplace.

If you are a system integrator or any other company that could add value to our platform, let us know.