There has to be a better way...

Tomas Posker is visiting Sillicon Valley and wants to share this amazing experience with his grandma. Despite all the attempts to get the communication apps running remotely and Tomas's experience in IT he isn't able to do so. He believes there has to be a better way to communicate with our elderly loved ones.

Well, there is not. So far

Tomas didn't find anything that would work well so he started to think about a completely new solution. That is how Oscar Senior idea was borned.


Let's do this!

Tomas figures out soon that this communication platform adjusted for specific needs of seniors can help elderly people all over the world to stay in touch with their families, to have fun online in a safe space and to learn using technology even though they didn't grow up in our todays digital world. He puts together a team and they start developing their own communication platform for seniors.


Winning awards

Seems like Oscar Senior is a really good idea because we get awarded all over the world. 

Winner Warsaw – London Dridge (British Embassy, Poland)
TOP10 CEE Startup - Google Campus Residency (Warsaw, Poland)
TOP10 CES 2017 Lifestyle and Digital Health Startups (Las Vegas, USA)
TOP5 Finalist Chivas The Venture 2016 (Prague, Czech republic)
Winner of TechCrunch Sirius XM Radio Pitch (San Francisco, USA)
Winner Best Business Project (Prague, Czech republic)


Working with Google for startups

We've been chosen for the six-months Campus Residency program. That is a great opportunity for us to grow and also confirmation that our Oscar Senior has a lot of potential. And we are dedicated to squeeze it out – our sales is growing for 250% from month to month.


Everybody deserves dignified and happy aging

And we wanna make it possible. Our elderly took care of us and now it is our turn to give it back, we owe it to the community. Oscar Senior turns out to be very helpful tool for home care agencies, senior care facilities, social care and variety of companies who need to communicate with senior clients. From now on Oscar Senior helps mainly care companies or city councils to connect with seniors and offer them better services adjusted to their special needs.