Connect to Smart Devices & Sensors

It is possible to connect Oscar Enterprise to any third-party device through API. Making the clients’, and your life, much easier, safer, and more manageable.

Oscar Enterprise offers various advanced features, for example, auto-answer calls, voice assistant, and medication management. But, the most useful feature for our customers is definitely the connection to smart devices such as sensors, alarm button, remote locks, cameras, etc. We tried to find a solution that would be flexible and where the development of tailored functionalities wouldn’t be an issue. We are more than satisfied we decided to cooperate with Oscar Senior, because the solution is very flexible and it fulfills all of our needs.
Andrew Broadbent, Head of Programmes at GDS Digital Services Ltd

What devices are we able to connect?

Emergency Button

Safe clients lifes by connecting Oscar Enterprise to alarm button. In case of emergancy the clients can press the button and the emergancy call request will immediately show up at the care provider's dashboard. The care provider can in a second make an emergency call, and safe client's life.

And the best thing? You don't even need the wifi connection to make the emergancy button work.

Movement, temperature, light, sound, fire, water, CO2 sensors

Integrate any safety sensor to our service to remotly control the client's environment and detect potential danger. Receive an automatic alerts for unusual events at any time.

Security Cameras

Monitor your clients environment trough integrated cameras. You can immidiately check up on clients in case they don't answer the call or you just want to control from distance if they are safe.


Collect data and monitor your clients vitals from wearables. The careproviders can remotly control the level of blood pressure, heartbeat, and many others to secure the client's life safety.

Remote Locks

You don't have to travel long distances to the client and back just to open the entrance door because the client forgot his keys at home. With the remote locks you can unlock them within seconds.

Automatic lighting, air conditioning, doorbell, smoke detection, gas and electricity meters, curtains, AV equipment (electronic media devices and equipment), and many others. You can connect all that to Oscar Enterprise.

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