Coordinate care from one place with the most versatile platform in the industry

Senior friendly

The interface of Oscar Enterprise was designed for and together with seniors.


It doesn't take months or a fortune to start working with the Oscar Enterprise platform.

Customizable & open

Adjust the platform to your needs and integrate any app, service or content into Oscar Enterprise's interface.


Use Oscar Enterprise with iOS or Android, tablets, smartphones or laptops.

Three parts of the Oscar Enterprise platform

Management center

Create, delete or set up accounts and analyze clients' and caregivers' data.

Caregiver's dashboard

Enable your caregivers to care remotely via Oscar Enterprise platform.

Senior's interface

Give your clients a tool to easily communicate with their caregivers. 

Most accidents happen at night – stay in touch with your elderly clients 24/7

Automatically connected call

Video call, group call, webinars

Call for immediate help

Chat & messages

Sharing pictures, videos & documents

I fell down terribly and couldn't get up. I thought they'll find me dead three days later when my caregiver was supposed to come for a visit. Fortunately, she checked up on me via video call and when it got automatically answered, I shouted for help. The ambulance was there in 10 minutes. 
Ann, care recipient

Empower caregivers to do as much as possible remotely in order to avoid unnecessary visits


Meal plans

Medication management


Shopping list


Monitor care recipients' vitals and environment to detect potential danger

Integration of movement, temperature or CO sensors integration

Monitoring via integrated cameras

Data collection of vitals taken from wearables

Control of remote locks

Oscar Enterprise made my work much easier. I don't have to travel long distances to the client and back just to find out that he needs me only to unlock entrance doors because he forgot his keys at home. I can unlock the doors remotely within seconds.
Catalina, caregiver

Analyze data, manage client accounts and device settings

Mobile device management (MDM) system

Remote device and platform interface settings

Add and delete clients from the platform

Monitor peaks in help requests

Statistics of physical visits and video check-ups

The overview helps me better plan vacations of our caregivers because I see when the biggest peaks occur in support requests. Also I immediately notice when it's time to physically visit care recipients more often.
Jack, business owner

4 easy steps to start using our elder care platform

It doesn't take months or a fortune to implement Oscar Enterprise and you don't need an IT guy to manage the process. You will handle everything on your own with our help within a couple days.

1. We will set up the Oscar Enterprise platform and your manager account within days so you can log in to the management center.

3. You'll buy devices for your elderly clients, and we can help you choose. Install Oscar on the devices, visit your clients, hand them over the device and show them how it works.

2. Together we will set up the accounts of your caregivers and elder clients. They can be the same for every client or differ according to their special needs.

4. And done! You are ready to use Oscar Enterprise platform from the management center, your caregivers from their dashboards and elderly clients from their interface.

See how Oscar Enterprise can help you

These are just a few examples of what  Oscar Enterprise can do. Contact us if you want to learn about all the possibilities or if you need something specific.