Three Parts Of The Digital Care Platform

Patients' Interface

Patients see the interface the way you want them to. You can set all the contact list, entertainment apps, special call requests (I'm hungry, I fell down, ...), reminders, group chats, etc.

Care Providers' Dashboard

Care providers can get in touch with their patients, they can set medications and reminders for the patients (activities, medication usage, doctor's appointments, etc.), set the entertainment apps for them and much more.

Management Center

Managers see the interface the same as care providers. Plus they can create, delete or set up accounts, analyze patients and care providers' data, check the invoices, etc.

Features Our Customers Love

(Video) Calls - both individual and in groups

Chat & Messages

Medication Management

Auto-Answered Call (Automatically Connected Call)

Automatic Reminders


Entertainment Apps (any app from the Google Play  Store/App Store)

Connection to Smart Devices, Sensors, and Cameras

Pictures, Videos & Documents Sharing

Voice Assistant

Data & Statistics

Mobile Device Management System (MDM)

Big-sized Text, Large Buttons, and Senior-Friendly Interface

Fully Customizable Platform

How It Works

Get inspired on how to combine remote and in-person care

Digital Care for Care Organizations

Digital Care for Home Care

4 Easy Set-Up Steps

To help you get started, here's a quick guide on how to install the Oscar Enterprise app:

Step 1. Download the Oscar Enterprise app

Open the App Store/Google Play on your tablet and search for "Oscar Enterprise”

Step 3. Sign in with your

Check your e-mail for the
credentials that we have
sent you

Step 2. Launch the Oscar Enterprise app

Once the installation is
complete, tap on the Oscar
Enterprise app icon

Step 4. Start using our digital care

Try all the possibilities digital care provides. We will also help you to set up the accounts for your care providers, and patients