Read how elder care companies all over
the world use Oscar Enterprise to reduce
costs and boost their competitiveness.

Now we can easily monitor our senior clients by video calls, remind them their meds on distance or do some remote settings. Oscar Enterprise saved us plenty of time by simplifying the communication and giving us powerful tool for remote care. Absolutely fantastic is the possibility of auto-answer call. So when the senior isn't answering we can still find out what is going on there.
Barbora Soltys, owner of Comfort Assisting

Oscar Enterprise supports

Home care agencies

by enabling them to provide care remotely and saving their caregivers travel time of

Senior care facilities

by giving them an opportunity to communicate with all residents at once and deliver better services

City councils

by adjusting communication and services to the everyday needs of seniors

Any company

that communicates with seniors by simplifying the user interface of their device/product