Read how care organizations all over the world use Oscar Enterprise to increase effectiveness and boost their competitiveness.

Assisted Living

How Comfort Assisting Reduced Carers' Unnecessary Visits by 26%

"Get inspired by our story and find out why we implemented remote care into our daily care routine and how it helped improve communication between our care providers and elderly clients, increase the  effectiveness of visits, enhance clients' well-being, and provide customized content to our clients," shares her experience Barbora Soltys, CEO of Comfort Assisting.

Support Provider for People with Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities

How The Arc Overcame The Fear Of Technology Use

"Before the pandemic, we needed at least 2-3 staff to provide daily support to our clients. Now, after we implemented Oscar Senior, many don't need as much support anymore. They are more independent, using only drop-in support. If they need help with something, they just place a request and someone from our staff would answer. Our care providers don't need to be in the clients private space as often - leading to significantly more privacy and independence - something we strive for here. We basically leverage Oscar's technology to expand our clients independence," says Rob Malone, Executive Director, The Arc.

Home Care

66% of Best Home Care Clients Feel Less Lonely and Isolated

"Oscar Senior has truly been a game changer for us as a home care provider. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and range of features, we've been able to provide better attention and care to our clients, while also fighting off a common issue in loneliness, and boredom. Oscar Senior has helped us care for more clients, improve our efficiency, and most importantly, improve their quality of life," says Lucy Spring, Senior Director at Best Home Care

We are HIPAA certified

As a system integrator, it was important for us to cooperate with a company that serves organizations nationwide, with a ready-to-use platform. We needed a solution that was easy for our customers – care organizations and their customers – care recipients, to implement and activate. Also, each customer has different requirements and we needed a platform that has a fully customizable interface and features. Oscar Senior provides all of the above and we are pleased we can offer our customers such a complete solution.
Andrew Broadbent, Head of Programmes at GDS Digital Services Ltd
The main reason we chose to cooperate with Oscar Senior is because of the customization of the App and the flexibility that can be used for other platforms such as people with intellectual disabilities. Thanks to that we can provide better care to the individuals and also groups. We appreciate the whole cooperation, you're always willing to help with any questions and are prompt. But other than that we want to highlight the auto-answer function, it's simply awesome and it helps our seniors a lot.
Ryan Ramnarine, Systems Implementation Specialist at The Arc of Prince George County
Now we can easily monitor our senior clients by video calls, remind them of their meds from a distance or set everything remotely. Oscar Enterprise saved us plenty of time by simplifying the communication process and giving us a powerful tool for remote care. Absolutely fantastic is the auto-answer call. When the senior isn't answering we can still find out what is going on there.
Barbora Soltys, CEO at Comfort Assisting
We were looking for ways to connect the clients of senior villages as best as possible. Oscar Senior proved to be key in our efforts to streamline communication, event planning, and joint activities. Thanks to it, clients have a better social life.
Laura Moore, CEO at Senior Living Community Liberty
I fell down terribly and couldn't get up. I thought they'd find me dead three days later when my care provider was supposed to come for a visit. Fortunately, she checked up on me via video call and when it got automatically answered, I shouted for help. The ambulance was there in ten minutes.
Ann Marie Jones, Client of Comfort Assisting
Oscar Enterprise made my work much easier. I don't have to travel long distances to the client and back just to find out that he needs me only to unlock entrance doors because he forgot his keys at home. I can unlock the doors remotely within seconds.
Catalina Davis, Care Provider at Total Homecare Solutions
Excellent service, we have it in the test. I have installed and supported the remote care service of 4 other providers....this is the number one....we are trying to get the leading remote care service here in Finland together with you.
Timo Tuononen, Project Manager at Hoivita Oy