Dementia is a global health issue that affects millions of people worldwide

Although there is currently no cure for dementia, providing proper care and support can significantly enhance the quality of life for individuals affected by the condition.

One effective solution is Digital Care.

How Can Digital Care Help Your Patients?

Support Communication - Oscar Senior enables individuals with memory disorders to effectively express their needs and stay connected. The platform facilitates seamless conversations, allowing users to send messages and have (video) calls. Our digital care also offers voice-activated interfaces that allow users to request assistance.

Secure Safety Oscar Senior ensures patient safety by connecting to smart devices and sensors. By integrating with smart devices, caregivers can enhance safety measures and remotely monitor their patients. Alerts and notifications triggered by these devices provide an added layer of security, ensuring a safer environment for those under care.

Reduce Cognitive Decline Integrate cognitive digital training apps into Oscar Senior and provide targeted cognitive stimulation for individuals with dementia. These apps offer activities, puzzles, memory games, and exercises designed to engage the brain, improve cognitive function, and enhance mental agility.

Provide Memory Training - With Oscar Senior, you can ensure effective memory support by offering medication management and reminders for medication schedules, appointments, daily routines, and important tasks. These helpful reminders play a crucial role in helping individuals with dementia maintain their independence and stay organized.

How Can Digital Care Help Your Caregivers?

Avoid Stress and Burnout - Oscar Senior provides remote monitoring and communication features provide caregivers with respite and enable them to take breaks while ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals with dementia.

Reduce Workloads - Oscar Senior simplifies caregiving by automating administrative tasks like appointment scheduling and care plan management. This saves caregivers time, enabling them to focus on direct patient care and reducing their workload for improved efficiency.

Save Your Time - Oscar Senior transforms healthcare by offering a telehealth platform for video calls and remote consultations, enabling patients to access expert guidance and advice from their caregivers without the need for physical visits.

Enhance your Training - Digital care Oscar Senior enables connection to online apps that offer educational resources, training modules, and e-learning opportunities for professional care providers.

How Can Digital Care Help Your Care Organization?

Increase Efficiency - By leveraging Oscar Senior, care organizations centralize information access, automate task management, facilitate efficient communication, enable remote monitoring, provide decision support, leverage data analytics, and integrate with smart devices.

Support Caregivers' Well-Being - Oscar Senior supports caregivers' well-being by providing access to online apps with mental health resources, stress management tools, and online support communities. Caregivers receive support, reducing feelings of isolation and improving their emotional and mental well-being.

Reduce Cost - Oscar Senior helps reduce costs by streamlining administrative tasks, improving efficiency in documentation and communication, and facilitating remote consultations, which minimizes the need for physical visits. This efficiency leads to cost savings and optimize resource allocation.

Care for More Patients - Oscar Senior allows care organizations to extend their reach and provide help to more patients by leveraging telehealth capabilities, remote monitoring, and access to educational resources, enabling them to serve a larger population, regardless of geographical location or mobility limitations.

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