Together, we provide the best care for your clients

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

With Oscar Senior, your care providers no longer have to run to the clients room every time they need something. Our software allows caretakers to support clients remotely via (auto) video check-ins, medicine management, vital monitoring, call requests (hunger, chat, health issue, etc.) in order to always be prepared and work efficiently.

Increase caretakers productivity

Determine client's needs in advance to save your care providers from unnecessary visits

Reduce avoidable costs

Empower your care providers to execute certain tasks remotely, allowing to support more clients with less staff and increased efficiency

Posses instant control

Monitor your clients vitals, well-being, and environment simultaneously

Keep the care recipients informed

Connect with clients remotely as opposed to sending a caregiver to their room for small requests

Now we can easily monitor our senior clients by video calls, remind them their meds on distance or do some remote settings. Oscar Enterprise saved us plenty of time by simplifying the communication and giving us powerful tool for remote care. Absolutely fantastic is the possibility of auto-answer call. So when the senior isn't answering we can still find out what is going on there.
Barbora Soltys, CEO at Comfort Assisting

Features all your care providers will love

Auto-answer calling allows for automatic answering without having the client physically accept the call. Your client's device will automatically answer this type of call and immediately share video with the care provider. This provides immediate check-in on your clients activity and well-being.

(Video) calls, messages make communication between the clients and care provider much more efficient. In case of any quick question or short information the care providers don't need to visit each client separately. They can also use group chats to communicate with all residents at once.

Specific call requests allow the clients to notify caregivers of their needs. For example, if a client is hungry, they don't feel well, or they dropped something, they can request and recieve immediate help without having to wait for the caregiver to visit them. This will undoubtedly lead to a drastic increase in client satisfaction 

Automatic reminders notify clients that it's time for doctor’s appointments, activities, meals, family meetings, go for a short walk, drink more water, take a shower and many others.

Medication management allows caretakers/clients to plan what days, times, and types of medications are needed. Once the client takes it, they can check off the pill as “taken.” Caregivers can have an immediate overview of which medications are being taken.

Planner allows caregivers to set activities with clients in advance. As a result of  this, family members can check what the care provider has planned for each visit with their loved ones (eliminating the need for calling the facility to find out). 

Entertainment apps such as Netflix, games (Sudoku, Angry Birds, ...), weather, Kindle and other apps supporting the mental and physical health, and others, lead to more productivity and reduces isolation/loneliness/boredom; especially when caretakers, family, and friends are not around.

Connection to any smart device such as Emergency button, motion, temperature, fire, sound, light, water, CO2 sensors, cameras, wearables, remote locks, and many others allow for the detection of any and all potential dangers in a timely manner.

Voice assistant grants the client control over Oscar Enterprise by speaking to it - allowing for an easier call for help. They can request a call to their care provider (in case of emergency), open apps, place a call to family/friends, and more. Care providers can also set the voice assistant to ask clients how they feel at points throughout the day and call them if negative/no answer is recived. This provides additional security for your clients.

Customize the service to cover your specific needs

You can adjust the Oscar Enterprise service independently to better suit your organization's needs. Choose the apps you want to have available for your clients or create new ones. Our team can also develop new features you might need.

Great overview for care managers

Every call, every message, and every prescription list will be available in the Oscar Enterprise service. That way you can monitor the well-being of your residents as well as estimate the occupancy of your care providers.

Oscar Senior can provide your facility with the best possible devices or use the devices your clients already have

Android tablet or iPad, you can use it all. Choose the device you want, as Oscar Enterprise isn't just a tablet for your clients, but a service that turns any device into a senior-friendly and accessible device. If you already have devices, feel free to use those, if not, we can provide you with the best possible devices for your clients.

The main reason we chose to cooperate with Oscar Senior is because of the customization of the App and the flexibility that can be used for other platforms such as people with intellectual disabilities. Thanks to that we can provide better care to the individuals and also groups. We appreciate the whole cooperation, you're always willing to help with any questions and are prompt. But other than that we want to highlight the auto-answer function, it's simply awesome and it helps our seniors a lot.
Ryan Ramnarine, Systems Implementation Specialist at The Arc of Prince George County