Remote Care Tips & Tricks for Home Care

For all Home Care Organizations, Oscar Senior’s Remote Care Tips and Tricks are a must-read!
What can remote care do for you and your organization? Let’s take a deeper dive into it!

How to Increase Care Quality and Efficiency

Oscar Senior’s remote care solution connects facility managers, care providers, and clients (elderly and/or people with disabilities) to one another - and even their families (for clients).

Oscar Senior helps increase care quality and efficiency for everyone. Here’s how:

Use Cases

1. Care Providers and Clients

Oscar Senior enables care providers to care for clients remotely in addition to finding out client’s needs in advance – eliminating the need for unnecessary travel.

Take Mary, who has accidentally forgotten her house keys inside. Thanks to Oscar Enterprise, she can easily call her care provider James for help. James can connect directly to her smartphone through the camera and check what’s wrong. He can remotely unlock the door and solve the situation within seconds.

He can also find out Mary's needs in advance and provide her with a remote consultation or advice. He can even check her vitals and determine whether she needs medical attention or not.

2. Facility Managers

Oscar Senior provides a complete overview for the facility care manager Lucy. She can monitor every message, call, or request care providers receive. This allows her to estimate the staff's activity or occupancy – determining whether her staff can take on a new task or take care of more clients.

Additionally, just like the care providers, Lucy can monitor her client’s overall well-being.

3. Clients and their Family Members

Family members can stay in touch with their loved ones through Oscar Senior’s messaging and (video) calls. They can also contact their loved one’s care provider – allowing them to check what they have planned for each visit.  

Check the short video below to find out!

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Remote Care Tips & Tricks for Home Care

Remote Care Tips & Tricks for Home Care

Let's check our tips and tricks for remote care. We are going to show you everything you are able to do by providing remote care via Oscar Enterprise. In this article, we are going to look closely at home care.