Remote Care Tips & Tricks for Care Organizations

Whether you provide care at a nursing home, assisted living, hospice, or any other care organization, Oscar Senior’s Remote Care Tips and Tricks is a must-read! Let’s take a deeper dive into what remote care can do for you and your organization.

How to Increase Care Quality and Efficiency

Oscar Senior’s remote care solution connects facility managers, care providers, and clients (elderly and/or people with disabilities) to one another - and even their families (for clients).

Oscar Senior helps increase care quality and efficiency for everyone. Here’s how:

Use Cases

1. Care Providers and Clients

Oscar Senior enables care providers to care for clients remotely in addition to finding out client’s needs in advance – eliminating the need for unnecessary travel/room visit.

For example, when Francis (client) cannot remember where he left his playing cards, he can simply call Leanne, his care provider, for help. Leanne can immediately check Francis’s needs without the need to run to his room. She can also check her client's vitals and determine whether he needs medical attention or not.

2. Facility Managers

Oscar Senior also provides a complete overview for the facility care manager Thomas. He can monitor every message, call, or request care providers receive.  This allows Thomas to estimate his staff's activity or occupancy – determining whether his staff can take on a new task.

Additionally, just like the care providers, Thomas can monitor his client’s overall well-being.

3. Clients and their Family Members

Family member’s can stay in touch with their loved ones through Oscar Senior’s messaging and (video) calls. They can also contact their loved ones care provider – allowing them to check what they have planned for each visit.  

Check the short video below to find out!

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