New Technology for Seniors to Not Feel Lonely

Today, there is no doubt that there is new technology being introduced to our younger population, but what about our older population?

With new tech comes less understanding, and with this, more hesitation from our seniors and those in nursing homes. Let's take a dive into senior technology.

New Tech Being Introduced in Nursing Homes and Hospice Care

In addition to creating accessibility on phones for seniors, another piece of technology making its way into older adult care facilities is robots. These animated, robotic “pets” serve as supportive companions for older adults.

Robots are becoming more prevalent in society, and using them to help care for an older adult is certainly innovative. Ageless Innovation is a tech company that creates animatronic creatures for hospice care facilities. Its products can create positive interactions with patients and engage in play. This naturally improves seniors’ overall quality of life and gives them something to look forward to every day.

More older adults are experiencing loneliness and isolation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Visitation rules and regulations are ever-changing, making it hard for friends and family to check in on their loved one.

Pet therapy can reduce anxiety symptoms, feelings of isolation and depression, which are common among older adults living in a nursing home. Robotic pets may not be real, but they act as a viable alternative for these patients. It’s exciting to see this technology being used for good.

Importance of Senior Cellphone Accessibility

More than 80% of seniors use cellular phones, which is why accessibility is so important. Smartphones provide instant communication to the world. Older adults need to communicate with those they love and get help should they need it.

They can also access functions that can help with daily tasks, such as giving reminders for appointments and medications. Providing accessibility for older adults will help improve their user experience and keep them connected without frustrations.

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