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Warsaw-London Bridge takes place in Warsaw

The highlight of the event was the Warsaw-London Bridge Pitch Contest, in which promising Polish startups from the healthtech sector presented their companies to a UK jury consisting of representatives of the Department for International Trade, One HealthTech, Black Pearls VC and UCL Innovation & Enterprise. Oscar Senior, a communication platform that facilitates contact with elderly people, was awarded with a week-long stay in a start-up accelerator in London.

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Tips To Help Older Family Members Adopt Technology

The Oscar Senior app works on smartphones and tablets, providing a simplified interface with large icons and type for the most common needs (like email, messaging, web browsing, etc.). In addition to other features, Oscar Senior offers capabilities similar to the aforementioned TeamViewer by letting you take control of your family member’s device from your phone or tablet to lend a hand.

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Making Technology Easier for Older People to Use

The Oscar Senior app turns a tablet into a remote-controlled device. Features are more limited, but users can get medication reminders and have video chats with family members who download their own version of the app. The key for any device is keeping older adults connected.

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Simplified Tablets Designed for Tech-Challenged Seniors

This app will change the appearance and performance of your tablet into a simplified device with big understandable icons to only commonly used features (video calls, photos, instant messages, Internet, news, weather, reminders, contacts, etc.) for easy navigation, with no clutter. It even offers remote access capabilities so you can gain access to your mom’s tablet from your smartphone, so you can see what she sees, and help her if she gets stuck.

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The Very Best Apps for Seniors - From Accessibility to Entertainment

For those wanting to take things a step further, Oscar Senior is designed to be a one-stop-shop for allowing senior citizens to connect to their family. It integrates social media platforms, makes instant messaging and video calling easy, and is perfect for sharing photos. Its stand-out feature is the ability for remote connectivity. This allows family members to help solve problems, add contacts, and install apps on their relative’s device, from anywhere in the world.

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Oscar Senior – Grandpa Doesn’t Need A Special Tablet

The idea is that if you have an elderly parent or grandparent, you can take perhaps a previous generation tablet, install the Oscar Senior app, and turn it into a device that automatically enlarges text, creates large icons that are clearly understood for things like reminders, video chat, photo sharing, Facebook, the latest weather and even games. You, as the administrator, choose the apps that become part of the interface. And for the person using the tablet, there is no need to worry about doing something wrong or accidentally changing settings.

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Technology for the Tech-shy: Designing New Applications for Older Adults

Oscar aims to enhance the lives of seniors as well as help seniors keep in touch with their family, friends or caregivers. Oscar is an easy-to-use, remotely managed communication tablet app that allows tech-shy elderly known as the ‘seniors’ to remain connected with family, friends and healthcare professionals known as the ‘juniors’. The app boasts of a simple interface which allows users to communicate via text, pictures, voice and video calls. Additionally, it provides a ‘Live View’ of the application on the elder’s tablet and allows the ‘junior’ to fix or update relevant items remotely. The technology also provides reminders, weather alerts and games. Apart from communication, Oscar is a platform for apps with the possibility of adding or removing applications depending on the user’s proficiency and interest.

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Czech app for elderly boosted by Google Campus

The app enables people to stay in touch with family and friends, share photos, and access online services such as Facebook and Google. In addition, relatives can provide assistance via remote administration on their mobile phones from virtually anywhere.

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Oscar Senior is one of 10 startups from CEE region that will participate in Google Campus Warsaw Residency program

Oscar Senior is the first Czech startup selected for the Campus Residency program. Thanks to joining the residents, Oscar Senior will be able to use direct assistance of Campus mentors and experts, participate in dedicated courses once a week and have access to the global Google for Entrepreneurs network for 6 months.

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