Enable the citizens to age happily in place

Keep your citizens informed

Provide the citizens quality life and help them happily age together. Enable them to call for help, manage their meds by themselves, keep them updated via online shared calendar, share with them important contacts, connect them together and let them build new friendships.

Inform about news  and social events

Prepare shared calendar and send monthly news to keep citizens updated

Prolong independency

Calls, messages, medication center, and remote assistance help age in place

Connect people together

Let citizens organize online events, set group chats/calls, and many others 

Increase satisfaction

Provide services that help the citizens spend quality time in your city even in older age

Now we can easily monitor our senior clients by video calls, remind them of their meds from a distance or set everything remotely. Oscar Enterprise saved us plenty of time by simplifying the communication process and giving us a powerful tool for remote care. Absolutely fantastic is the auto-answer call. When the senior isn't answering we can still find out what is going on there.
Barbora Soltys, CEO at Comfort Assisting

Features all elderly citizens will love

Messages allows citizens to communicate with one-another individually or in groups. They can create different group chats based on common activities/interests. Citizens can arrange in-person or remote meetings for these activities, or simply talk about shared interests.

(Video) calling is the best feature for citizens to communicate remotely; individually or in groups. It also allows citizens to participate in common activities remotely, such as online exercise, educational sessions, game tournaments, and many more.

Medication management helps citizens plan on what days, time and type of meds they should take.

Individual/shared calendar clearly displays scheduled individual and common activities like doctor’s appointments, chess tournaments, common walks, coffee breaks, poker games or any other event. 

Automatic reminders help citizens remember to take medication, go to scheduled events, drink more water, check their blood pressure, and go to their doctor’s appointments.

Individual/shared menus will help citizens plan their meals, cook with each other and can even be used for displaying delivery options.

Shopping list won't let any citizen forget what to buy next time. 

Entertainment apps such as Netflix, games (Sudoku, Angry Birds, ...), weather, Kindle and other apps supporting the mental and physical health, etc., lead to more productivity and reduces isolation/loneliness/boredom; especially when caretakers and family are not around.

Customize the service to cover your specific needs

You can adjust the Oscar Enterprise service independently to better suit your needs. Choose the apps you want to have available for your citizens or create new ones. Our team can also develop new features you might need.

Use the devices your citizens already have

Android tablet or iPad, you can use it all. Choose the device you want, as Oscar Enterprise isn't just a tablet for your citizens, but a service that turns any device into a senior-friendly and accessible device. If you already have devices, feel free to use those, if not, we can provide you with the best possible devices for your citizens.

Peace of mind for families

Let the citizens share information about their well-being with family members. They will be grateful to see how their beloved person is doing.

The main reason we chose to cooperate with Oscar Senior is because of the customization of the App and the flexibility that can be used for other platforms such as people with intellectual disabilities. Thanks to that we can provide better care to the individuals and also groups. We appreciate the whole cooperation, you're always willing to help with any questions and are prompt. But other than that we want to highlight the auto-answer function, it's simply awesome and it helps our seniors a lot.
Ryan Ramnarine, Systems Implementation Specialist at The Arc of Prince George County