What helped Stuart to find his way towards technology

The tech revolution has finally started appealing to the elderly generation. Seniors may be known for being reluctant to use technology. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right resources, even elderly users can find it easy to use the Internet. Read on to see how technology can help your elderly loved ones in their daily lifes.

A new way of communicating

Read the story of Stuart, one of our Oscar Senior customers, who was never a big fan of computers. Yet on a fateful day, he’d heard about tablets and easy to use apps. He decided to give it a go and the results were surprising.

Here Stu is sharing his journey of discovering a new way to communicate with family members, and ever since, he’s been an advocate of using the Internet to connect with others. Not only that, he’s been using it to catch up on news and stock up on necessities for his home. Read this inspirational story on how quickly seniors too, can become skilled Internet users using the right tools.

Stuart’s story

I called my son Robbie the next day and told him about a computer gadget my neighbor was talking about. We tried it at home, but it just wasn’t cutting it. Too many buttons, we couldn’t hear each other, it was frustrating to say the least. I told my neighbor about my experience, but then he said it’s actually something made for us, not computer geeks. It’s called Oscar Senior.

This is Stuart. He was never a big fan of computers but once he got a tablet with special senior friendly app he was actually getting interested in modern technologies.

The next time we met with Robbie, he brought me a tablet that he hasn’t been using anymore, and we started tinkering around. I must admit, it was much easier to use. I just needed to press a button and bam, the video started. So we tried a call to my grandkids and I was hooked.

It was like I was right there with them. Robbie went home, sure of himself that I could do it all without any help from him and well, he was right. With Oscar Senior, I had no trouble calling him up. Of course before Robbie left, he had set up all the buttons for me: video call, buy food, check the weather, read up on the latest news, or play chess.

I never really felt that I need technology in my life, but I have to say it’s certainly a convenience. When the weather is abysmal and my fridge is empty, I go to the website of my favorite grocery store and buy some bread, milk, and other necessities to last me through those days. It’s also good when I throw out my back from raking the leaves in the garden.

Sometimes my eyes pop open at the break of dawn and so my mornings can get be a bit long and dull, but some music always helps. I open Oscar Senior to listen rock classics, especially from the 60s. I even made my very own playlist of favorite hits. I watch the morning news on TV, but it’s even more entertaining to read in-depth news analysis, which there is a lot of on the Internet. Same goes for the evenings. After my meal and the nightly news, I like to wind down with an invigorating game of chess with my new online buddies. I don’t need to go out for a good game, or hunt down a friend who is available. I can play chess from home, and I’ve learned some amazing new tactics along the way.

Helping the elderly stay connected

Stu is a wonderful example of how tech can evolve to reach the senior population, a potentially neglected group who so desperately needs to remain connected to their family and friends. Those in advanced age who are ill or housebound may especially find comfort in knowing they can reach a caregiver or a family friend whenever they need.

An easy-to-use platform for your tablet or smartphone is the answer to overcoming any technological challenges your senior may face. Oscar Senior is just that. Intuitive and sleek, seniors can log on the Internet and connect to the online world in no time. The less tech savvy can therefore operate a tablet with ease, an important feature that standard operative systems lack. As a result, they will feel confident and more self-sufficient with regards to their everyday needs. New tech options accessible for seniors exist, we just need to spread the information to provide better, quality support.