How to share holiday photos with grandparents online

It’s summertime and we’re heading to the beach or the mountains for vacation. Most of us will be taking photos either with our smartphones or cameras. We collect them and keep them safe in digital format on our hard drives and photo albums, ready to take out later when we want to reminisce on the past. We also want to share them with our friends and family. Digital format is probalby not a problem for our friends. But how do we share photos with our grandparents? Read on to see how to share photos with your elderly loved ones through an easy-to-use app.

Sharing digital photos

Sharing photos with the ones we love most is a caring gesture. It’s a creative and personal way to invite others into our lives and take a glance into our family’s habits, activities, and interests. We may share pics with friends and relatives. Grandparents too, always delight in seeing pictures of us and grandkids.

However, in this digitalized age, sharing printed pictures is rapidly going out of practice. We need to share our pics digitally.

But how? How can we make it easy for the elderly generation to be online? How can they enjoy seeing photographs instantly, just like our friends do?

Online photo-sharing trends

Our younger generation is attracted to photo-sharing websites. Instagram has become the world’s most popular platform for viewing pictures that our friends upload, or browsing pics based on location or interest.

According to findings on Statista, it has reached 1 billion active users last month, June 2018.  Instagram allows downlloading pictures directly from your phone.

Create an account to share pics on Instagram.

However, it is a social network, meaning creating an account and downloading its app is necessary. Simple for us, but already a few steps more for a senior to remember.

Other common social networks are Facebook and Twitter. Photos are shared here, too, but again, an account requires maintenance, and seniors are easily confused by the myriad of options these websites provide, such as tagging and group or event invites.

Also, since they are social networks, safety is questionable. Seniors may get lost in the list of people they can add or in turn, may get confused if someone they do not know adds them.

Photo viewing made simple for seniors

The app built for seniorsOscar Senior, is used for communication between seniors and their friends and family members. Video and online messages are some of the ways seniors can choose to connect to their loved ones. Oscar Senior takes it one step further by adding a photo sharing feature. Directly from your smartphone, you can choose your best photos and share them with grandma through your video call or chat window.

This means your senior does not need to download any extra apps, and therefore, there is no need to master or troubleshoot any other program. Oscar Senior gives your senior everything they need in an all-in-one solution.

“My grandson and I use Oscar Senior to chat. He’s in college now, in California, and I live on the east coast. This summer he went on a trip to Greece with his friends. Once, while we were having a quick chat, he surprised me with a few beautiful photos of Santorini. They just appeared on my screen while we were talking!” -Debbie, 80, Delaware

Our seniors are generally in awe of the speed and efficiency photography has turned into thanks to digital photographs. On the other hand they may not feel competent to handle images in this form. Even if they don’t take pictures themselves, they can learn about and enjoy family photos if you share your gallery with them through an easy-to-use app such as Oscar Senior.

When you go on vacation this summer, take the time to remember grandma and send her your memories. Enhance your video chat by sending images while you tell her your holiday stories. Or, stop and send a photo via text chat during the day when you have a moment of quiet. It really only takes a few seconds and your senior loved ones will feel instantly connected to you and even have a personalized souvenir to keep!

Download Oscar Senior now to easily share pictures with your non-tech savvy senior