Together, we provide the best care to seniors

Take care of elderly in-person and remotely

Oscar Enterprise helps care providers increase the effectiveness of their care by connecting with seniors, not only in-person but also via video calls, messages and other touchpoints. Thanks to this senior users can happily age in place and prolong vitality.

Remote/virtual care supports

Home care agencies

to also provide remote care and check-up on elderly immediately

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Senior care facilities

to connect with all residents at once and manage their needs

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to easily connect with each other on social events and activities

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to tailor communication and services to seniors

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 Any care organization

to reduce costs
and provide many tasks remotely

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How it works

Get inspired on how to combine remote and in-person care for seniors.

Features all care organizations will love

(Video) calls, messages communicate effectively, videoexcercise, educate remotely, etc.

Auto-answer calls enable to call the senior without the need for him to accept it.

Entertainment apps alleviate loneliness and boredom when not being visited by care providers'/family.

Connection to any smart device detect all potential dangers in time.

Medication management plan on what days, time and type of meds the senior should take.

Calendar & Planner plan activities with seniors in advance and inform the family about them.

Automatic reminders notify seniors it's time for a doctor’s appointment, to call family, etc.

Voice assistant the senior can control Oscar Enterprise by voice, call for help, etc.

Oscar Enterprise offers various advanced features, for example, auto-answer calls, voice assistant, and medication management. But, the most useful feature for our customers is definitely the connection to smart devices such as sensors, alarm button, remote locks, cameras, etc. We tried to find a solution that would be flexible and where the development of tailored functionalities wouldn’t be an issue. We are more than satisfied we decided to cooperate with Oscar Senior, because the solution is very flexible and it fulfills all of our needs.
Andrew, Head of Programmes at GDS Digital Services Ltd

We help seniors, care providers & care organizations

Make carer's time more efficient

Find out client's needs in advance, and save your care providers' unnecessary visits


Take care of more elderly persons with the same efficiency

Prolong seniors'

Keep elderly safe by allowing them to contact you at any time (even through emergency button)


Oscar Enterprise is very easy to use, device-agnostic,
and fully customizable

Whitepaper: The Remote Care Revolution

Why innovation is the only way forward in senior care? Read our whitepaper to find out.

We cooperate with senior care organizations all over the world

UK, Canada, USA, Japan, Europe  - Oscar Enterprise is used to provide better care of senior users across the whole world.

Join our partnership network and create an unbeatable portfolio of telecare platforms with us.

Price Plan

Try remote care for 1 month completely
free of charge

From 12 €/account/month
Up to 9 connected family members per account are for free

Award-winning solution
used by more than 4 000 customers across the world

Best Business Project
(Prague, CZ)

TechCrunch Winner

CES 2017
Digital Health

(Las Vegas, USA)

Google Campus

(Warsaw, Poland)

 Warsaw-London Bridge Winner
(London, UK)

UK Council Certified
(London, UK)

The main reason we chose to cooperate with Oscar Senior is because of the customization of the App and the flexibility that can be used for other platforms such as people with intellectual disabilities. Thanks to that we can provide better care to the individuals and also groups. We appreciate the whole cooperation, you're always willing to help with any questions and are prompt. But other than that we want to highlight the auto-answer function, it's simply awesome and it helps our seniors a lot.
Ryan, Systems Implementation Specialist at The Arc of Prince George County

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