Provide elder care
in a whole new way
with our remote
home care platform

Replace unnecessary personal visits with video calls and use our remote care tools to save time of your caregivers and reduce costs of care. Without any decrease in the quality of your services.

Lead the remote care revolution

Due to population aging there is no way that we can provide everybody the care they need in person.

of caregivers' time is nowadays spent on traveling because they need to check in with clients.

of caregiver visits last only up to
15 minutes. This is incredibly ineffective.

Imagine that your caregivers will provide even better care to clients but without the time-consuming travel. You will reduce costs and manage everything from one simple platform.

Scale your business – provide care virtually

Use video calls

to check up on care recipients without time-consuming travel

Monitor clients'

vitals or environment to identify if a physical visit is necessary

Help immediately

when a senior calls for help or needs to unlock the doors remotely

Manage meds

from afar via a prescription list and by setting up regular reminders

Open possibility

for your clients to order for example transportation or groceries online

Oscar Senior is an innovative tool for elderly care companies

that combines into one comprehensive
ready-to-use platform:

  • telecare
  • social engagement
  • cognitive stimulation
  • remote support
  • care recipient monitoring
  • and management tools