Together, we provide the best care for your patients

Digital remote care connects care providers with the elderly and/or people with disabilities

Oscar Enterprise helps care providers increase the effectiveness of their support by connecting with patients, not only in-person but also remotely via video calls, messages, and other touchpoints. Thanks to this you can remotely support more patients who can happily age in place, prolong vitality, and live life to the fullest.

Who uses our digital remote care:

Home care agencies

To provide remote support and check-up on patients immediately

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To connect with residents simultaneously and manage all of their needs

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To easily connect with one another for social events, activities, appointments, and more

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To tailor communication and services to people in your town

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 Any care organization

To reduce costs, improve efficiency by providing tasks remotely, and enhance overall morale

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Oscar Enterprise offers various advanced features, for example, auto-answer calls, voice assistant, and medication management. But, the most useful feature for our customers is definitely the connection to smart devices such as sensors, alarm button, remote locks, cameras, etc. We tried to find a solution that would be flexible and where the development of tailored functionalities wouldn’t be an issue. We are more than satisfied we decided to cooperate with Oscar Senior, because the solution is very flexible and it fulfills all of our needs.
Andrew Broadbent, Head of Programmes at GDS Digital Services Ltd

Features all care organizations will love

(Video) calls, messages, video exercise, remote education, and telehealth.

Auto-answer calling allows for automatic answering without having the patient physically accept the call. Your patients' device will automatically answer this type of call and immediately share video with the care provider. This provides immediate check-in on patient's activity and well-being.

Entertainment apps lead to more productivity and reduces isolation/loneliness/boredom; especially when caretakers and family are not around.

Connection to any smart device to detect any and all potential dangers in a timely manner.

Medication management allows caretakers/patients to plan what days, times, and types of medications are needed. 

Calendar & Planner allow caretakers to plan activities with patients in advance and inform family/friends/staff of them.

Automatic reminders notify patients that it's time for doctor’s appointments, activities, meals, family meetings, and more. 

Voice assistant grants the patient control over Oscar Enterprise by speaking to it - allowing for an easier call for help, etc.

Whitepaper: The Remote Care Revolution

Why innovation is the only way forward in efficient care? Read our whitepaper to find out.

We help patients, care providers & care organizations

Improve all caregivers efficiency

Find out patients' needs in advance leading to significantly less unnecessary care provider visits


Take care of more patients with less staff and higher efficiency

Prolong clients'

Keep patients safe by allowing them to contact you at any time (times can be customizable)


Oscar Enterprise is very easy to use, senior-friendly, device-agnostic, and fully customizable

Price Plan

Try digital care for 14 days completely free of charge. Check the complete price plan .

From 12 $/€/£/account/month
Connect the family members for free

We collaborate with care organizations across the globe!

UK, Canada, USA, Japan, Europe  - Oscar Enterprise is used to providing better remote support to users across the whole world.

Join our partnership network and create an unbeatable portfolio of telecare platforms with us.

We are HIPAA certified

The main reason we chose to cooperate with Oscar Senior is because of the customization of the App and the flexibility that can be used for other platforms such as people with intellectual disabilities. Thanks to that we can provide better care to the individuals and also groups. We appreciate the whole cooperation, you're always willing to help with any questions and are prompt. But other than that we want to highlight the auto-answer function, it's simply awesome and it helps our seniors a lot.
Ryan Ramnarine, Systems Implementation Specialist at The Arc of Prince George County

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