Powerful tool for the caregivers,
great companion for the seniors

Oscar Senior is a telecare software that helps elder care providers and family caregivers to stay in touch with older adults and provide them the remote support and care. Oscar Senior is not a tablet but a software that simplifies any smart device your seniors already own or the one you’ll buy for them.

Fight social isolation of the elderly by connecting them with caregivers and families

With Oscar Senior software you enhance the engagement of your care recipients and embrace the patient-centric approach by putting the senior into the middle of everything.

Caregivers & Care providers

Medications management
Monitoring vitals & environment
Sharing information
Video check-ups & group calls
Messages & webinars


Request for a call from a caregiver
Communication with caregiver
Communication with family
Online exercise and games
Browsing internet safely
Photos and videos, news

Family members & Friends

Information on senior's well-being
Communication with senior
Communication with caregiver
Sharing photos, videos

Telegeriatrics are the future of elder care

Due to aging population and a growing lack of professional and family caregivers, telegeriatrics seem to be the only cost-effective way to ensure elder care for everyone in the future.

Oscar Senior has a solution for


Oscar Enterprise is the most versatile telecare platform for elder care providers that helps you reduce costs of provided care while increasing engagement of senior care recipients and embracing the patient-centric approach.


Oscar Family app enables you to stay in touch with your elderly family members and provide them the necessary support remotely regardless the distance. You can easily download it in App Store or Google Play.

We cooperate with elder care businesses all over the world

Join our partnership network and create an unbeatable portfolio of telecare products with us.

Whitepaper: The Remote Care Revolution

Why innovation is the only way forward in elder care? Read our latest whitepaper to find out.

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