Meet Our Team: Zachary Matlis, Business Development Manager

As the Business Development Manager at Oscar Senior, Zachary's passion for nurturing growth, building connections, and creating positive change within care organizations shines through in every aspect of his work. Join us in exploring the remarkable journey of Zachary Matils and his role in enhancing the lives of healthcare professionals.

Embracing a Compassionate Mission

Zachary's heart resonates with the mission of Oscar Senior – to combat the persistent loneliness that often shadows seniors and people with disabilities. He recognizes the profound impact that technology can have in improving the lives of patients and healthcare staff. Zachary is genuinely thrilled to contribute to a brighter future, where individuals can embrace new opportunities, experience enhanced well-being, and receive better care.

Empowering Care Organizations

As the dedicated Business Development Manager, Zachary's role extends far beyond titles and responsibilities. He understands that each care organization has unique needs, and his goal is to be their trusted guide in navigating Oscar Senior's suite of services. With a heartfelt commitment, he invests time in comprehending specific requirements, tailoring solutions to seamlessly align with organizational goals.

Zachary's mission is to be a personal advocate, ensuring unwavering support throughout the partnership.

Insights, Solutions, and Success

Whether care organizations are seeking to optimize their experience with Oscar Senior, exploring the digital care's unique benefits, or finding ways to utilize the technology to enhance their growth, Zachary is a source of insights, solutions, and assistance. 

His deep knowledge and dedication empower care professionals to make the most of Oscar Senior's offerings, transforming their approach to senior care and enriching the lives of those they serve.

Making a Change at Oscar Senior

Zachary Matils embodies the spirit of Oscar Senior's commitment to making a real difference in the world of care technology. Through his role as Business Development Manager, he stands as a beacon of growth, connection, and positive change. With Zachary by their side, care organizations have a dedicated partner to help them embrace technology, drive down costs, and elevate the quality of care. His journey at Oscar Senior continues to be a testament to the company's unwavering dedication to improving the well-being of older adults and healthcare professionals alike.

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Zachary Matlis
Business Development Manager

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