How Comfort Assisting Reduced Carers' Unnecessary Visits by 26%

"Get inspired by the story of our home care organization Comfort Assisting and find out why we implemented remote care into our daily care routine and how it helped improve communication between our care providers and elderly clients, increase the effectiveness of visits, enhance clients' well-being, and provide customized content to our clients," shares her experience Barbara, CEO of Comfort Assisting.

Goals Comfort Assisting wanted to achieve

  • Improve communication
  • Enhance client‘s well-being
  • Increase effectiveness of visits
  • Provide customized content

Remote/Virtual care helped our home care providers work more effectively, and the elderly clients feel less lonely

"Our primary reason for relying on Oscar Senior was to handle clients’ call requests and capitalize on opportunities to engage in video call checkups, as opposed to unnecessary in-person visits. We expected this approach should minimize disruption to elderly adults’ routines, while providing a convenient option for our care providers," says Barbara.

"We also envisioned Oscar Senior opening an age-appropriate technology gateway that provided each of our clients with customized content. That’s critical, especially since some of our elderly adults feel curious about using technology, but become overwhelmed by the idea of exploring it themselves," pointed Meredith, Home Care Director.


  • 31% more frequent contact with clients
  • Greater independence for clients 
  • 26% reduction in unnecessary visits
  • Clients feel more satisfied and less lonely

Lucie Chlubna, CMO of Oscar Senior pointed, that together, our solution brought 31% more frequent contacts with clients and simultaneously a 26% reduction in unnecessary visits. Plus, the Oscar Senior technology enables better preparation for in-person assistance and more efficiency during face-to-face engagements due to the improved communication network.

"Our care providers also anticipated our clients feeling more satisfied and experiencing less loneliness due to these changes. And we are pleased the family members appreciate the increased peace of mind," explains Barbara.

Now we can easily monitor our senior clients by video calls, remind them of their meds from a distance or set everything remotely. Oscar Enterprise saved us plenty of time by simplifying the communication process and giving us a powerful tool for remote care. Absolutely fantastic is the auto-answer call. When the senior isn't answering we can still find out what is going on there.
Barbara, CEO of Comfort Assisting

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