Emergency Button: Provide Immediate Assistance To Save Your Clients' Lives

In Dangerous Situations, Seniors Are Primarily Concerned with Time

Seniors can often find themselves in life-threatening  situations. They can suffer a stroke, slip on a wet floor, have sudden nausea, become injured or paralyzed, be ambushed by thieves, suffer heat stroke, or find themselves in any other situation where they immediately need to call for help.

But stress causes paralysis and a person is often only able to take simple and quick actions.

How to Enable Seniors To Call for Your Help ASAP?

The best and fastest way is with the Senzoor emergency button. In case of danger, seniors can call for help by pressing a large button that they carry by  themselves at all times.

They don't have to look anywhere for their phone, glasses, or try to dial the right number.

How Does It Work?

A person in distress

By pressing a button on the sensor, the device sends a call request that the owner needs help. The sensor acknowledges receipt of the request to the senior.

Request for a care provider

The request is sent to the senior's care provider who is connected to Oscar Enterprise and will see the request on his screen.

Verification and solution
of the situation

The care provider will soon check the situation to the best of his ability. He calls the senior via auto-answer call or visits him.

Do you want to know more about Senzoor Emergency Button? Contact us.

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