5 Father's day gift ideas that will help him age better

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend! You are probably thinking about getting a truly original present for your father this year. Something unique that you put some thought into. There are many practical and fun gift ideas for dad that show you really care. Here we’re sharing 5 original Father’s Day gift ideas with you that will help your elderly father age better. Read more and get inspired!

Wii Games

Help your dad find the motivation to get up from the sofa and start moving. It’s good for him not only physically, but psychologically! He might have played golf or bowling when he was younger, but how do you get him to exercise now that he has arthritis and osteoporosis? It might be difficult, even painful for him to move.

Well, he doesn’t have to walk miles or jump rope to stay active. With Wii games such as tennis, bowling or golf, he can remain active without stepping out the door.

Video games have very good influence on aging brain. The elderly are increasing their intellectual abilities, improve balance and walking speed thanks to video gaming.

Many Wii games are designed for seniors and are very easy and a whole lot of fun to play. Wii games also have a multiplayer option, which helps seniors stay social, too.

Otter Boxes

With age, we lose muscle mass and strength which results in dropping and breaking things more often. If you just got a new phone or tablet for your father, make sure you invest into accessories to protect it.

The so-called Defender case series of OtterBox products provides protection for almost all types and brands of cell phones and tablets. Their Certified Drop+ Protection means your father’s device will be protected not only from the barrage of wear & tear but also from breakage. The defender series covers the phone as well as the touch screen absorbing the impact of a fall. A series of lengthy tests done on this product will ensure your dad’s phone will stay as good as new!

Oscar Senior

Your retired father might feel lonely at times and will probably appreciate some quality time spent with you the most. But how, when he lives so far away? Now you no longer have to limit your one-on-one time to special occasions such as birthdays, Father’s Day or Christmas.

Video chat is always better than nothing. Spend some time with your dad at least online when you have no chance of visiting him in person.

Download the Oscar Senior app and spend some time with your dad every day! This application will let you video talk with your dad anytime you want. The best thing is that it was made with seniors in mind. It’s super easy to use so your dad can easily call you, too. You can “facetime” just 5 minutes a day to ask how he is doing and strengthen your bond. He’ll feel that you really care about him and his well-being.

Digital Camera

Trying new things to challenge the brain and create new neural connections is essential for keeping the mind young. The University of Texas conducted a study about how particular activities can help your brain stay sharp as you age. Photography – which included learning how to use a new camera and new software – was the winner in showing improvements in memory and cognitive ability after only 3 months.

Aging brain might be getting a tough time remembering all the memories. But taking photos will do it instead. Plus it can be a new hobby of your daddy. Why not?

Your dad might already know something about picture taking so he might appreciate higher-priced equipment with multiple features. Or on the other hand, you can help him get started with a simpler camera. You’ll find a vast assortment of cameras suitable for seniors. Make sure you choose one with few buttons and a big LCD screen so that it’s easy for your dad to see his snapshots.

American Lifetime Day Clock

This product has been a favorite among seniors for several years. Something they can’t live without. Those who suffer from memory loss due to dementia, stroke, or Alzheimer’s may benefit from it the most.

The large display shows the current time, day and date in bold letters that can be seen even from across the room. If your dad has trouble remembering what day it is, this is the perfect gift for him. It comes in many different frames so you can choose one that matches your dad’s home decor. The words dementia or memory loss are intentionally excluded from the packaging, making it a perfect gift.

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