Make your clients and their families fall in love with your premium services

Oscar Enterprise platform for senior living communities and villages

The Oscar Senior telecare platform will enable you to provide care without intruding the privacy of your clients. Use our innovative tool to enhance the engagement of your seniors and beat the competition.

Replace personal visits with video calls

Prepare online exercises for care recipients

Organize webinars, group calls, and even send messages

Make your clients to fall in love with your premium services

Give your clients the privacy they expect

Don't disturb your clients if it's not necessary.

Use the telecare Oscar Enterprise platform to communicate with your residents virtually without intruding their privacy.

Make the best impression

Whitelabel the Oscar Enterprise platform and make the best impression on your clients and their family members.

Using such an innovative tool will show that you are the leaders in the care industry.

Get a competitive advantage

Enhance the engagement of care recipients, bring in care entertainment, and ensure the privacy of your residents.

Make your services truly uncompeatable.