Make sure your residence will be fully occupied

Oscar Enterprise platform for senior living facilities and residences

Your caregivers don't have to run every time to the room of the care recipient anymore. Enable them to communicate with the elderly clients via a senior-friendly telecare platform.

Instead of running to a room, video call the client

Prepare online exercises for the care recipients

Organize webinars, group calls and send messages

Inform the families about well-being of their seniors

Powerful tool for caregivers

Oscar Enterprise enables caregivers to manage more with less effort. You can customize the platform to meet your specific needs and personalize it for each care recipient.

Great overview for care managers

Every call, every message, and every prescription list will be available in the Oscar Enterprise platform. That way you can monitor the well-being of your care recipients and estimate the occupancy of your caregivers as well.

Peace of mind for families

Share the information about the well-being of your care recipients with their family members. They will be grateful to see how are their beloved seniors doing.