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Oscar Senior is a fully customizable Communication & Telehealth platform that helps seniors stay in touch with caregivers, family and online services.

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  • Home health care agencies

    • Save time and money by reducing number of visits of the elderly and making it possible to check (monitor) remotely
    • Experience seamless communication between senior, family and caregiver through an easy-to use platform
    • Improve the ability to age in place and reduce isolation
  • Nursing homes/Senior homes

    • Deliver differentiated and quality service to both elderly people and their relatives
    • Reduce resident dependency by allowing seniors to access useful online services
  • Health Services

    • Seamless contact between medical personnel and patients
    • Remote monitoring of health and therefore reduction of visits to medical centres

Easy way to reach seniors directly

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  • Make use of our efficient way to reach seniors through an easy-to-use platform
  • Integrate services and content into our senior-friendly interface
  • Leverage our access to the the huge market of seniors

Partner with Oscar Senior to reach our growing global community of elderly users!

  • Fully customizable, device-agnostic open platform for your services
  • Makes tablets and smartphones safe, easy-to-use and more accessible to older adults
  • Makes it easy for seniors to get online and stay connected with friends, family, caregivers & useful services
  • Helps seniors stay active and independent, supports aging in place
  • Improves senior care and provides families with peace of mind
  • Breaks the barrier between seniors and technology
  • Utilizes wireless networks

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Oscar Senior – The Tablet App that Empowers Seniors Stay Connected to the People and Things that Matter – Easy, Safe, Secure and Fun!

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