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Oscar Senior is a fully customizable Communication Platform that helps you cost effectively enhance and increase the services you provide while facilitating family connection and aging at home services for your clients’ well-being.

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Everything your clients need. In one place.

Snapshot of your clients’ well-being 24/7 for the office and the field.

Oscar Senior provides dashboard views of each client that integrates with your existing solutions or as a standalone solution. Everything you need to know to prepare home care workers to create the optimal visit and knowing when to help avert a crisis.

Oscar Senior provides your clients the simplest, most intuitive user interface on the market, with large prompts and print for seamless browsing and app usage. It delivers the highest quality video calls and quicker connections to ensure fast response times when communicating with clients. And it is the safe and secure tablet app that protects them from scams, unauthorized pop-ups, and unwanted alerts.

  • Open platform

    Integrate your services and content into our senior-friendly interface

  • Customizable

    Customize content to fit your business needs and client requests

  • Device-agnostic

    Oscar Senior is available for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones for both staff and clients. When clients are away from home you’ll still have insights about their well-being. Staff also have the ability to view via browser

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Home Health Care

Isn’t it time to improve the quality of care you deliver by leveraging Oscar Senior to enhance communicating with your clients, any time any place.

  • Benefits for your Home Health Care agency

    • Save time and money by leveraging passive data to check on seniors remotely either at home or on the move through our easy-to-use platform
    • Learn what seniors need the most from your visits with quick video check in calls prior to arriving to deliver what they need and ensure your clients’ wellbeing
    • Send push notifications or utilize video chats for medication management and other compliance challenges such as staying mobile
    • Enrich your service offerings to make it easier for seniors to age in place
    • Make video calls (even auto-answer) a part of care packages for your clients
    • Share information easily with your clients with broadcast messages

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  • Benefits for your clients

    • Reduces loneliness thanks to more frequent family and caregiver contact
    • Engaging online content improves mental health
    • Facilitates ordering services such as transport, meals, groceries and care visits which allows users to live more independently for longer
    • Virtual alert feature on smartphone in case of distress away from home
    • Remote help from family gives seniors a more personalized user experience
    • Video calls with the family and grandkids, even auto-answer to make it seamless for the senior

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How it works

Caregiver and senior clients have the app installed on their device. Caregivers can make video calls or send messages to their senior clients. Seniors can contact caregivers, family & friends and use all other functions.

No risk, free trial for 30 days for you and your clients!

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Nursing & Senior Homes

Personal communication tool to connect staff with your residents and make information sharing easier.

How it works

Staff and residents have the app installed on their device. They can make video calls or send messages to their residents. Seniors can contact caregivers, family & friends and use all other functions.

Examples of use

Oscar Senior lets staff and residents communicate internally and share information online - with multiple ways to get in contact with all or individual residents. Examples could include medication reminders and medical alerts, effective information sharing - residence menus, activities, newsletters, and an easy way to get connected.

Oscar Senior – The Platform that Empowers Your Business to Deliver More Touchpoints to Your Clients While Enabling Your Clients to Stay Connected to the People and Things that Matter – Easy, Safe, Secure and Fun!

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