Our Story

It all started in 2013. Tomas Posker, Oscar Senior CEO and Co-founder was in Silicon Valley and wanted to share this experience with his grandma. Trying to get in touch with her, he spent countless hours on the phone trying to explain how to get the Skype running. Not to mention the money spent on international calls. And he thought there must be a better way. In today´s world of technology, why can´t our parents get in touch with us or other family members an easy way? What if they are not that tech savvy to use Skype? Or what if they simply do not have a PC?

Designed for seniors with seniors

We´ve designed Oscar Senior with real users - families and people from home health care agencies to meet real needs of seniors. User´s feedback, experience from Silicon Valley as well as pilot projects (both from the USA and Europe) helped us create Oscar Senior that we have today - the one that brings seamless communication and bridges the generations.

Our Team

We are proud of our own dedicated development team - like this we are able to deliver top-notch product and quickly adapt to your needs. We offer native app with superior design, and clear user interface.

Our Vision and Mission